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Team Captain Registration

If you have a loved one or friend with disabilities and would like to show your support for
him/her, you can organize a team from your family, workplace, school, or community to
strengthen the support and add to the fun.

The Team Name can be the name of a loved one with a disability (ex. “TEAM Mikey”) the
name of a workplace ex. “TEAM Crystal Bank”, the name of the contact person/ team
organizer, or you can choose a name that means something to you.  In the past, some teams
have made signs or flags for their team. That is up to you. Have fun with it!  Any questions,
please contact us at 215-264-2859 or email


Please email us with your team name and a picture of your loved one if you would

like us to add him/her to the Team Picture Page on the website. 

You can register for the Buddy Walk HERE and include your Team Name where prompted.

 Please email or facebook your family & friends to support your team!

Submit Team name by 3/15 to be printed on T-shirts

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